Bespoke and UK Made Traverse Walls

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Traverse Walls

Traverse climbing walls can either be free standing or built onto existing masonry. Where climbing holds start below 600mm from the ground and don’t exceed the height of 2.1m no safety surfacing is legally required, and here at Mock Rock we design all our traverse climbing walls to this specification. However, safety surfacing can be provided if required.

15 Year Guarantee on Free Standing Traverse Climbing Walls

Our free standing traverse climbing walls include a fifteen year guarantee against rot, while a variety of shapes can be incorporated. These walls are double sided so you get maximum value for money and can make the most of your space, while kids will have hours of fun clambering up and over the top.

Masonry traverse walls are built onto existing walls. We use the day of installation as inspection day, and if for some reason the climbing wall cannot be installed there is absolutely no charge – though this has only happened once in the entire history of our company. Even on that occasion our outstanding customer service was recognised and we received eight leads and projects as a result of recommendations from a project we couldn’t even complete!

Bespoke Masonry Climbing Walls

Outdoors or indoors, masonry traverse climbing walls are fantastic for any environment and are a great feature for schools and helping get kids active. Combine with a stunning climbing wall mural from our talented artists for the perfect finishing touch!

The Benefits:

  • Graded climbing routes installed by experienced climbers.
  • Minimum of 4 different colour climbing holds/grips.
  • Highest grade post treatment with a 15 year guarantee against rot.
  • 12 climbing holds per linear metre.
  • Doubled sided climbing walls (a 4.4M wall has 8.8M of climbing area).
  • Continuous climbing all the way around, with our custom design climbing holds which fit on round posts.
  • Rebated post system means there are no metal brackets, which have been known to rust and need maintenance.
  • All complicated work done off site in our workshops so our freestanding walls fit together like a jig saw minimizing inconvenience and installation time.
  • 5 year guarantee (Call for more information).
  • These walls can be built in any configuration, zig zag, L shape, straight wall, X shape. Click the price list for details.
  • Safety-surfacing is not required for traverse walls with climbing holds below 2.1M and foot holds below 600mm, but is available if required.
  • No additional costs for installation on to tarmac/hard surfaces.

Traverse Walls on Masonry

We treat the installation day as the site inspection, if for any reason we can’t install then there is no charge. We have only not been able to carry out an installation on one occasion and this one happened to be on the Isle of Man. There was an unforeseen structural problem with the proposed wall and no charge was made to the school despite them kindly offering to pay our travel costs. We later went on to install 8 traverse walls on the Island due to the positive review this school gave us through their experience dealing with us.

The Benefits:

  • Site survey and installation carried out on the same day, if for any reason we can’t install due to the safety/structural integrity of the wall then there is no charge.
  • Like all our traverse walls we provide a minimum of 4 different colour climbing holds with an excellent range of graded challenges.
  • We use the highest grade fixing system available, resin fix and internally threaded anchors. This method creates permanent anchor points in your wall but also allows the versatility to re-position and set new challenges.
  • Some companies are using drop-in wedge anchors; these do not last and are not designed to be used in vented bricks. In the last 5 years we have been called out over 20 times to replace installations using the drop in wedge anchor method.
  • We manufacture our own rubber-backed climbing holds which will grip on to any surface, no matter how rough and un-level.
  • We have installed over 200’000 climbing holds using our unique rubber-backed climbing holds and safety-critical anchors.
  • 5 year guarantee, we have never had to repair or replace one of our installations, despite being installed in very challenging environments from mountain forests in the Lake District to a beach in Newquay!
  • Free replacement climbing holds for 5 years from the installation date.
  • Included with all our traverse walls on to masonry is a durable Allen key tool to allow you to reposition the climbing holds.