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Secondary Schools

Secondary school pupils are young adults, and what better way to keep them active and healthy than with a climbing or bouldering wall? Bouldering walls are, in our experience, the better choice for secondary schools as they provide much more of a challenge and encourage pupils to push themselves to reach their goals.

Bouldering Walls for Schools Pose More of a Challenge

Bouldering walls for secondary schools can feature inclines and panels to pose a greater challenge. They can be constructed indoors or outdoors, with the relevant safety flooring to minimise the risk of injury.

The climbing holds on bouldering walls can be rearranged to create new challenges and routes, while the unique holds themselves are based on actual rocks to create a more realistic feel. These holds are combined with traditional climbing holds for a much more diverse climbing experience than other forms of secondary school climbing walls.

Secondary School Climbing Walls from the Leading Supplier

Mock Rock are the leading manufacturer of climbing walls in the UK and we are ideally placed to provide secondary school climbing walls across the country. Take a look at some of the climbing walls for secondary schools we have completed in the past and be inspired...