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Climbing Walls

Traverse Walls

An inexpensive way to introduce climbing activites to your school.

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Bouldering Walls

Technical low-level climbing walls that are suitable for any age group.

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Roped Walls

Options include custom artwork and ongoing route-setting/maintenance.

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Traverse Climbing Walls

These can be fitted to most masonry walls using or unique fixing system. If you do not have a suitable existing wall, we build robust free-standing structures using an industry best 200mm diameter round post. Read more...

Bouldering Climbing Walls

These walls can be flat with the holds mounted directly onto masonry or can have panels to create inclines and more technical challenges. The height of the bouldering wall will determine what type of safety surfacing is required. These walls can be built inside or outside. Read more...

Roped Climbing Walls

Climbing walls can be built with steel or timber frames. We specialise in steel framed climbing walls because these offer far superior fire rating, improved safety, increased lifespan and stability. Read more...