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"We are a family business based in Derbyshire, with a strong engineering background. Our passions are climbing, invention and design."

We started making climbing holds in 2005 which is where the name ‘Mock rock’ came from. After training on indoor climbing walls we noticed there was a huge gap between the real rock experience and the indoor wall. This led us to come up with the Mock rock climbing hold, a climbing grip moulded from actual rock features found around the UK and beyond. After a few years of selling climbing holds the most common problem we heard of was that people struggled to install them, a flat backed climbing hold does not fit well on an uneven surface.

This led to another invention, the rubber-backed climbing hold. Although other companies had made rubber-backed holds, most had used cheap latex or simply stuck on rubber to the base. We developed an engineering grade polyurethane rubber that moulds seamlessly on to the back of the climbing hold. This solved all of the issues with previous rubber-backed holds and also acts as a safety-system against cracked climbing holds. If one of these holds breaks it simply stays in place and is held together by the rubber.

The other key strength of this new type of climbing hold is that it can be installed on uneven surfaces and once cranked up it will not move or rotate. We only make these climbing holds for our own installations and we are the only manufacturer of this type of climbing hold in Europe.

We have lots of new exciting products on the way!

The Mock Rock Team