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Transform Existing Walls by Adding Climbing Wall Holds

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Although we can’t grumble about technology but sometimes it feels like with advancing technology becoming more and more accessible for children that physical activity is being neglected for being glued to a screen. Exercise is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle; this applies to people young and old. Sometimes a bit of gentle encouragement is all it takes to get kids active, other times it takes presenting them with entertaining means of exercise and that’s where climbing walls come in and you can do this to any sturdy existing wall simply by installing climbing wall holds.

school playground climbing wallLeading the Way Since 2005

Here at Mock Rock we have been providing our brand of unique climbing walls since 2005 after discovering a gap in the market and deciding that this direction would be mutually beneficial for ourselves and those who choose our services and product.

For a few years we provided the standard flat backed climbing wall holds only to find customers were complaining of having difficulty installing them onto uneven surfaces and because you cannot always guarantee a smooth, even finish on a wall we saw this as an area for improvement on our part. We were not the pioneers of providing rubber-backed climbing wall holds but we were the first to provide them with engineering grade polyurethane rubber as opposed to cheap latex used by other companies.

To make the climbing walls more appealing, colours and designs can be added. We’re a creative bunch full of climbing wall ideas but we are open to inspiration and happy to hear your vision and we will endeavour to make this a reality. Wall murals have proved increasingly popular, for inspiration you can view projects we have completed in the past.

Contacting Mock Rock

Dubbed as the leading manufacturer of climbing walls in the UK, Mock Rock are proud to be the ones enhance the enjoyment of playgrounds, youth centres or any other area in which our services are needed. You can contact the team on (+44) 7527 527 247.

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