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Why Install a School Playground Climbing Wall?

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School playground climbing walls offer great fun for kids, with the ability to climb upwards and sideways along the wall. There’s minimal risk too; traverse climbing walls (the most common type of school playground climbing wall) are below 2.1 metres so there’s no need for protective flooring.

Bright and colourful school climbing walls are a great addition to a playground or gym, providing an exciting physical activity for children of all abilities. Climbing walls allow children to develop their strength, flexibility and problem solving abilities – and they don’t even realise it!

Create New Challenges with a School Climbing Wall

The school playground climbing walls that Mock Rock manufactures feature various different coloured, eco friendly climbing holds that highlight different climbing courses up school playground climbing wallthe wall. What’s more, these strong and unique climbing holds can be rearranged to create different paths, allowing for new challenges all the time.

School climbing walls are a great way to satisfy the Physical Education curriculum and encourage children to work together too; kids love to help each other climb the wall so it’s great for developing communication skills too. Who knew a school playground climbing wall could have so many benefits?!

Add a Mural to Your School Playground Climbing Wall

If you want to really maximise sport participation at your school with a climbing wall, whilst creating something with striking visual impact then take a look at the climbing wall murals our talented artists have created. They make a stunning feature for the playground and make the school playground climbing wall even more fun!

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of climbing walls Mock Rock have tons of experience in the industry and can create a completely bespoke school playground climbing wall for your premises. With our own range of climbing holds we are ideally equipped to create the perfect school climbing wall for your premises, so if you would like any more information or to discuss your requirements please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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