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Climbing Wall Installation for Any Environment

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Climbing is a great way to exercise, infact 1 hour of climbing can burn more calories than 1 hour of running! This is because the body doesn’t settle into a rhythm and is constantly being challenged with a variation of movements.  Furthermore the different grade routes (created with an array of coloured climbing holds)  provide mental stimulation. Having to strategically forward think about where your hand and foot should go is why rock climbing is more appealing than a jog. Unfortunately, the weather does not permit year round climbing on real rock which is why many choose climbing wall installation in schools, youth centres and other activity centres.

Many think climbing is dangerous, but low level climbing or ‘bouldering’ is practiced at a safe level and is not about scaling heights  but solving technical challenges. This makes Traversing ideal for schools because the children are never far from the ground.

8543615878_87c8522d4b_zExcellent Physical Exercise for All Ages

If you are the owner of an establishment where young adults frequent and you are looking for innovative ways in which to keep them stimulated and entertained then climbing wall installation is for you.  We are proud to be involved in the  project featured in this BBC article.

Indoor climbing is becoming increasingly popular for young people all over the country, especially since we can install climbing walls indoors meaning the current weather is irrelevant. More and more people are taking up indoor climbing as a form of physical exercise and entertainment; many people even choose to incorporate indoor climbing with birthday parties.

This form of climbing is safer than outdoor rock climbing and is not only increasing in popularity with children and young people. Adults who may be avid outdoor climbers may use indoor climbing gyms as an alternative to outdoor when the outdoor weather conditions are problematic for climbers. This ensures that they are still able to hone their skills during the dark winter months.

Climbing wall installation is not only available for indoors. Playground climbing in schools work wonders for keeping kids in your care entertained. We believe that in order to encourage children away from computer games, we have to make play more exciting and challenging. By installing a climbing wall into the playground you will be providing them with the ideal way to develop core strength and problem-solving skills.

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